15. The O2 Information & History
The Millennium Dome opened to the pubic 1st January 2000. It was built to house the Millennium Experience, an exhibition celebrating the beginning of the third millennium. The project failed to attract the number of visitors anticipated, and suffered financial problems, even though it was the most popular tourist attraction that year and had great customer feedback. It closed 31 December 2000. In December 2001, it was announced that Meridian Delta Ltd. had been chosen by the government to develop the Dome as a sports and entertainment centre. On 31 May 2005 The dome was publicly renamed as The O2, in a £6 million-per-year deal with company O2 plc. The redevelopment began the dome's transition into an entertainment district including an indoor arena, a music club, a cinema, an exhibition space and bars and restaurant. The venue opened to the public on 24 June 2007 with a concert by rock band Bon Jovi. More at wikipedia | Also read news.bbc.co.uk >
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